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An Experience for Two: Create a Terrarium Together

$265 per classPurchase required to enroll
Create the memorable experience of creating something you love with someone you love.

In the beautiful atmosphere of our boutique, you and your loved one will create a memorable experience by creating something together. Our knowledgeable team of designers will work with you to construct a Tropical Terrarium, which will be yours to take home following the class. We've partnered with Perrine's Wine Shop for this event to offer you a fine selection of complimentary wine and French cheeses.

There is so much to discover when you dive into the mysteries of nature. In this class you will explore together the fundamentals of how a Terrarium emulates the weather cycles of the Earth and acts as a completely independent micro-ecosystem. You will be provided with a choice of unique vessels with our built-in terrarium base, which consists of all the necessary mediums layered in the proper ratios for the creation of a successful terrarium. You will choose your favorite selection of tropical plants and even blooming orchids to plant in your terrarium. You will learn how much water and light these these unique micro-ecosystems need to thrive and how to care for them in your home.

Each couple will take home their handcrafted Terrarium with the proper care instructions. We hope that you and your loved one will enjoy witnessing the growth and transformation of the Terrarium you created together.

***Class available for private, customized event (e.g. team building, birthday party, bridal shower).
Price of private event is based upon number of guests, scope of work, date and time.