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CSA Membership

Le Jardin Français is excited to announce the launch of our Community-Supported Agriculture membership!

This partnership with Crystal Organic Farm is part of our continued effort to minimize the impact of our lifestyles on the environment, to respect the cycles of nature and to promote healthy living. Our goal is to support local farming and to make high-quality certified organic produce easily accessible to members of our community.

How It Works

As a member, you will be able to pick up a basket of seasonal organic produce once every other week from our boutique location at Westside Provisions District from Thursday afternoon through the weekend. The product offerings include any combination of the following:

Freshly-harvested seasonal produce from Crystal Organic Farm

+ a dozen local farm fresh eggs

+ bunch of fresh premium flowers

Our CSA program is unique as we operate on 6-week increments, providing you greater flexibility. At the end of one 6-week increment, you have the opportunity to place a hold on your account if needed after any 6-week period. If you do not place a hold on your account, your subscription will automatically renew for the next 6-week cycle.


(*tax will be applied at time of purchase)

Membership Details
A one-time initial membership fee of $20 will cover the cost of two natural reusable woven burlap market bags. Each week, bags will be stocked with freshly harvested produce at Crystal Organic Farm; you will pick up a pre-packed bag and return your bag from your previous pick up. If your bag is unreturned, you will be charged the cost of a new bag at the time of pick up.

About Crystal Organic Farm
Crystal Organic Farm is a 175-acre certified organic farm located an hour east of Atlanta in Newborn, Georgia. The farm is run by Nicolas Donck who has lived on the property since moving to Georgia from Belgium at the age of 16. Crystal Organic Farm supplies produce to farmer's markets and farm-to-table restaurants all over Georgia.